how to keep your creative juices flowing

We've all been there, stuck at the end of a deadline, maybe stumped from the very beginning, or just maybe you're in the middle the worst self diagnosed creative drought that never seems to end...


last days of summer dressing

Dare I say it? Is summer really almost over?  I for one, especially living in southern California, like to think that summer spans far beyond labor day.  Even with all of the emails, instagram posts, and catalogues forced upon us showing every fall jacket imaginable, my mind is firmly rooted in living in the present...


gauzy summer whites

It's been a while since I've written some words on this here blog, but up until this past weekend, I had forgotten how fun it is to document my outfits and adventures.  It's definitely one creative outlet for me and I think when I start taking myself to seriously and stop treating it like a place where I come to let off some creative steam, then and only then do I neglect this journal of mine.


magical mystery tour

Wow, just wow.  In today's image saturated world, pictures rarely stop me in my tracks, but somehow this W Magazine December shoot shot by Ryan McKinley just did.  I think its partially because I've been to a few of the places in India where they shot this, but also maybe for the following reasons:
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