night moves

Tonight, I don't have much.  Just the sentiment that we gotta keep doing.  keep swimming.  keep writing.  keep creating. keep the fires burning--even when we don't want to.



cc: out of office

This post was supposed to go up right after Christmas, but let's just say the Holidays got the best of me.  Cheers to the New Year and hope you enjoy the words below!

So far Texas has been warm and humid, some may even go so far as to say it feels tropical.  I like to use the term 'tropical' to try and put a positive spin on the fact that no matter where you go your face is always in a melted state.  But I can't complain seeing as I won't be working for the next week and my out of office response has officially been up for about three days now.  For now, I'm just enjoying family and friends, and this great big state that I call home.

My sister and I took a minute to snap some pictures in my favorite jumpsuit before we headed out to dinner, this old building used to be a little country store and is right down the road from our house.  It's funny how I look at it through different eyes now.  When I was younger it was just that old building we passed everyday on the way to school.  It's fun to reimagine my old familiar surroundings through new eyes when I'm home.  

P.S. I designed this jumpsuit as part of our Bali capsule collection a few seasons ago, its my first time wearing it and the sleeves made me so happy!



less is more: 2017

Tomorrow will be the first day of 2017.  
I'll wake up at 4 am to drive an hour to the Austin airport, drop Morgan off for his flight back to LA, come back home to my parent's house and probably make myself a cup of coffee.  Then I'll light and candle and do some writing/goal planning for the new year.  

I was hoping Morgan and I would be together on January 1st so we could do some planning together but our flight schedules didn't allow that this year, besides, something about being in this sleepy little piece of Texas countrside to plan my new year is comforting to me.  The stillness and quietness allow my thoughts to come forward and there are no distractions to sway me.  Just pure, unadulterated stillness and a beautiful foggy morning view of Texas fields out of the window.

Although I'm not totally sure what I'll write down tomorrow I do know the general concept that I'm taking into this coming year is less is more.  Less stuff, less fear of the unknown, less self loathing.  Cutting back on certain things in my life to create space for the positives.  

One big notion that came to me, while talking to one of my good friends, was cutting back on all the stuff.  Being in the fashion industry and constantly soaking up blogs, instagrams, tumblrs, pinterest, and everything in between I'm always on the hunt for the next trend or beauty product.  It's exhausting!  Not to mention detrimental to our bank accounts and the environment in some form.  

As a young creative living on my own in Los Angeles I've learned how important it is to be financially smart.  Our culture does not make this easy, we are constantly bombarded with new things to eat, buy, and experience.  We truly have to understand ourselves and own paths to be able to make smart decisions.  I for one always struggle with this, but as I tossed around this concept in my head I did a mental scan of all my belongings.  I have everything I need.  I can bring new life into that vintage blouse in the back of my closet, style in it a new way and voila! It's beautiful again.  I'm doing more with less, getting more creative, and denying society's push to consume the 'newest' 'best' thing.

2016 was a weird year for me on a personal level, there were some really great times but over all I felt like I was running in place.  I had grown so much in the years before that I guess 2016 just felt like I had plateau-ed.  But I've come to realize, that I think it takes those odd years to continue our path as a human being.  These murky, stagnant 2016 waters have me craving the unknown in 2017 I'm ready to be in uncomfortable situations (did I just say that!?)  I'm ready to force myself to push past this comfort barrier, and I'm ready to fail (again, did I just say that!?) and maybe even ready to succeed.


holiday dwells

Christmas is officially over and I'm currently enjoying hot Texas weather and family time, but I'm slightly missing my magical little space back in Los Angeles.  I can't lie I'm really gonna miss hanging out in this sparkly magic.  Can't it look like this all the time??


I had so much fun knitting these stockings for Morgan and I.  They were so easy to make, and somehow knitting with a glass of wine every night was like calming meditation after a crazy day at work.  I used a pattern from Knit Collage on ravelry, using some yarn I found at Joann's.



you're glowing to love this

Pun intended (see above title).  

I've got jokes, but by no means am I an expert in the beauty department.  However, I do know specifically what I like, and the way I like my face and body to feel, and lately I can't live without these three little magical things:

1 - WATER and lots of it, glasses on glasses on glasses--my skin is loving me for it, got that inner and outer glow

2 - glossier highlighter in rose quartz...the little glow stick that could--oh so subtle yet just enough.  Makes me feel like a glazed donut in the best possible way

3 - rose water spray, not quite sure how hydrating this is, but the smell gets me everytime, spritz a little here, spritz a little there...its addicting y'all

 the next thing I've been wanting to try are moon juices assorted 'dusts.'  Always have been curious about these supplement type of things that are mixable with just about anything...coffee, smoothies, food.  Urban Outfitters has a nice little selection of samples which is probably perfect for a trial run!  I love the idea of beauty from the inside out and really focusing on what goes into your body and how that affects your outer shell.

Speaking of supplements and ingestible beauty, raise your hand if you dig it! I want to know if you've tried anything like this--is it nonsense?? or is there something to it? I'm verrrrrrry curious :)



desert rose on the lips

This week has been a tough one, I don't know about you but every holiday I spend at home back in Texas, enjoying family time **and lots of pie** inevitably makes it that much harder to come back to Los Angeles.  There's something about that easy small town Texas life that is so relaxing and appealing.  Don't get me wrong, after about a week or so, I get tired of eating barbecue and fried chicken and not being able to find a decent cup of coffee anywhere, and then I'm ready to come back.  But mostly its just nice to reconnect with family and friends that I haven't seen in what always feels like ages.  

While I was home, my sister and I did a little makeup shopping and when I got back to LA I realized I had so many lip products in the same color family.  Normally I'm a tinted lip balm kinda girl, but lately I've been really into wearing lip stick and can't get enough of those dusty, rosey, canyon shades.  The Glossier Generation G is great because its a sheer wash of color, so good for everyday.  The Bite beauty Multi stick is perfect for more drama and has a little more brown in it, I also love wearing it on my eyes and cheeks.  But, probably my favorite of the bunch is the Mary Kay gel semi-matte lip stick.  It's so moisturizing and matte at the same time, and the color is beautiful for this time of year.  What beauty products are you guys into this time of year!?

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