magical mystery tour

Wow, just wow.  In today's image saturated world, pictures rarely stop me in my tracks, but somehow this W Magazine December shoot shot by Ryan McKinley just did.  I think its partially because I've been to a few of the places in India where they shot this, but also maybe for the following reasons:


heat wave child

Taken a few weeks ago during one of the hottest weeks of the year somewhere in a canyon near Malibu.  I was wearing one of my very favorite dresses and I couldn't help but explore this open patch of field.  Give me a golden dry patch of California grass and I'll be happy forever.  I'm not sure why but I find it so beautiful and romantic.  I could sit for hours and just reflect and think.


a magical (yet functional) workspace

Last week I was sewing at my table surrounded by piles of fabric and trims, when I suddenly got the urge to reorganize my space.  Maybe its the change of season, but lately I've been in the mood to just cook, clean, and hustle.  Summer is officially over and there's dreams that need to be realized and work that needs to be done y'all.


a very pink NY weekend

Crazy to think its been that long but about a month or so ago I went to Philly for work.  I'm a designer for Free People but I work remotely in our (teeny tiny) LA production office, so my job requires its fair bit of travel.  We were headed to Philadelphia that week to present our finished collection for next spring, and it just so happened that my sister was finishing up her furniture design internship at Urban Outfitters.  I arrived a few days earlier so we could adventure to  New York together for some much needed sister time and visit friends.  Below are all the moments I captured of the weekend + some pretty magical places to eat and hang.  I love looking back on all the photos now and remembering all the makeup, brunch, and laughs that shared.  Sometimes it feels good to just hang with your girls, ya know?
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