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Right before school let out for summer I attended a lecture given by Mark Edmundson.  It spurred a thought so significant that I have kept it bottled up for over 3 weeks, inspired to write about it but haven't found the time until now. Basically, Mr. Edmundson is a writer, professor, and one groovy dude.  His entire lecture was based off of a memory he had while teaching at the Woodstock Country School in the 60s.  His long pauses in between deep thought, drew me in like a fly to honey and I sat there soaking up all he had to say.  During the proverbial question and answer portion, someone asked if he thought artists had a duty to society and blah blah blah.  His answer was somewhat along the very jumbled lines of, "no, artists do not have a duty to anyone but themselves."  I find this to be ever so true.  The only duty we have is a duty to ourselves, to never be full, never be complacent, never have enough.  Artists, no matter what sort, must always be hungry.  Hungry for change, for something beautiful that satisfies our inner soul.  That's what I got out of the lecture, anyways.

On a lighter note, I love these fashion faces.  There's a certain quality in each one that draws me in, particularly the bottom right.  I love the piercing eyes and wine stained lips. Also, these wedges from Pierre Hardy for Gap send me into a state of intense drooling.  The blocky nude wedge, chunky floral bow--they were practically made for me.

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  1. girl those wedges just scream paige!! bah i miss u!!


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