Mr. Kane

So I'm sure your wondering why Christopher Kane's newest resort collection needs to be glorified seeing as how he has just shown spring 2011.  Well, honestly today I was looking at his spring 2011 collection and I couldn't have hated it more.  The lace.  The weird grandma tailoring.  It was a little much for me to handle.
It brought me back to this fabulous resort collection, which I both love and want.  I thought to myself, why couldn't he have created something just as exciting as this collection?  Then as I start thinking about his previous collections I start to notice a pattern.  As soon as I mull through another set of his runway pictures on style.com I automatically get some uneasy feeling from it and deem it weird, and off kilter.  However, the more I look at the pictures and read reviews the more I come to love the uneasy weird feeling I get from his collections.  I also begin to fall in love with certain pieces, so unique you could only find them at a Chris Kane show.

This is what I love about him.  His way of thinking and conceptualizing.  The end result is not something you would want Joan Rivers to pick apart on fashion police, no doubt she would tear it to shreds with her "witty," comedic slang.  But, it is something to be admired.  Something different.


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