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Everyday we get dressed and put together some sort of collaboration.  For most of us, I hope, it is an art form.  We make some sort of little masterpiece for our bodies to enjoy all day long as we prance around in it.  Then at the end of the day we shed our clothes and in a few hours we will probably never think of that outfit again.  Therefore, I've decided to do a photo-diary, if you will, of my clothing for the entire quarter.  I'll take a picture of my outfit each day.  The fun part is going to come about 2 months from now when I look back at my outfits and can pick out the days of sleep deprivation or stress, or even the days of sheer bliss.  I'm hoping I will learn something about myself other than the fact that I'm not keen on brushing my hair, but I'll let you know how this one turns out.

oh, yea here's to day one.

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