wood grain grippin'

The gold lips, the wood grain that reminds me of a 1970s oldsmobile, the beautiful shades of brown, and crisp white/blue combination.  Its easy to see why Rodarte is one of my favorite brands.  Kate and Laura Mulleavey never cease to amaze me.  They churn out nomadic, though provoking garments season after season.  I love their aesthetic, and the fabrics they use are always so perfect together.  Its trying with out trying to hard and just weird enough to make any fashion editor squirm when writing a review.  I think this season they've done something so different from their previous collections, but its still Rodarte.  I had way too many favorite pieces, but here are the ones I narrowed it down to.  I want them soooooo badly.

However, instead of shelling out 10,000 for a dress, I think I'll curb my appetite with some music.  
This is their Fall 2010 show.  Soundtrack=AMAZING.  The video on their website is much better.  Anyways, enjoy... 



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