last slice of summer

     I'm sure you have already figured out, by now, that I have a tiny obsession with Russh magazine.  There's something about it that is just SO good.  Its a light serving of ads with a heavy helping of editorials and it couldn't be sweeter.  The shoots feature clothing from the most established designers, to ones you've never heard of.  On top of that the styling always says something that goes like this, "yea, I guess we care about fashion OR we just pretend to care...while we hang out in a field, smoke a few bowls and pick some wildflowers."  It is the best combination of quirky and perfect I have ever seen. It is pure love.

Love the Margiela-esque eye make-up ˆˆˆ


When I looked over this particular shoot, the images immediately reminded me of the summer I had once known, only 2 months ago.  Its a feeling you get when something you loved, has long since past and you are holding on to just a memory.  Its something so real, so tangible you can remember what it feels like as if it were still here.  This "thing" for me is Summer.  It is a magical season for me, especially the past 3 years.  As soon as the first flower of spring peeks out from the soil I start craving summer, and I cling to its memory until the last leaf floats to the ground in autumn.  Well, I think the memory of summer left me about a month ago, because school suddenly felt more real and so did Savannah.  When I look at these images, they literally take me back, all the way back--to the corn fields outside my house, to the dirt roads I speed down blaring some sort of oldies, and to the boy/best friend that I spent the entire summer with.  Alas, all good things must come to an end,and me and summer have parted on amicable terms.  As for now, autumn, I think I'm ready for you.  And if I have any difficulties, I'll just keep thinking to myself "oversized sweaters! oversized sweaters! oversized sweaters!" This should do the trick.

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