the end is near

     I am nearing the eleventh hour of finals and I literally have no more energy to give.  I am sleep deprived and exhausted of all inspiration, not to mention a 6,000 word paper due in 5 hours.  But, its all rather bitter sweet.  The reality is I really enjoyed my professors and the end of the quarter means the end of hearing their wonderful stories and bits of wisdom.  But with the end of the quarter comes the start of a whole new quarter and, its weird, but I'm so excited to start a whole new cycle of sleep depravation! I can't wait for Advanced Fashion Sketching, for some reason its the defining class for junior designers. Oh, and finished my final dress in Apparel I finally.  Can't wait to play photo shoot with at home with my photographer lady friend.  Hope to get those up here soon, along with some sketches.

p.s. Texas here I cooooooooome. :)


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