Halston and his Halstonettes

Yesterday I had the opportunity to view an amazing documentary at the Savannah Film Festival, on Halston.  I knew of the designer, but had never really studied his garments or knew much about him.  The documentary was an eye opening experience, with lots of laughter wedged in, (provided by none other than Andre Leon Talley).  It talked about how he was the first to introduce true minimalism and forever changed the way American women dressed.  Chado Ralph Rucci, who worked under him, even went on about how he once laid a piece of fabric on the ground and just by looking at it,  cut it and wrapped it around a woman, creating a dress that had the most beautiful movement ever seen.  He dressed women like Jackie Kennedy, Angelica Huston, and Liza Minelli.
He was involved in the creation of Studio 54, and hung out with people like Andy Warhol and Victor Hugo.  They worked hard and played hard.  But eventually drugs and, sadly, AIDS got the best of him. He died in 1990 of AIDS related cancer.  Even after all the controversy and eventually losing the rights to his company, we can say...
yes, the seventies belonged to Halston.

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