the hat

Love the detail on the back of this jumpsuit.

Picked this hat up from Urban last spring.  It suddenly makes the everyday grind feel as whimsical as a Dr. Seuss book when worn, and goes ever so nicely with my favorite thrifted white jumpsuit.  The past few days have been a balmy, sun-bathed dream.  This weekend was spent mostly in the park, with the loveliest people of course.  

Also, I'm finally hearing (good news!) back from some internships I applied for and school is coasting along.  Although I have a feeling its about to become turbulent in the next week or so.  Sometimes all we need is a little praise to quench our dehydrated creative minds, and it couldn't have come at a better time.  For now, its back to work--hope its sunny wherever you may be...

photo by Allie Morris -- check her out, she has cool owl friends named oscar and such.

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