go with the flow

Just a lineup of every single flowy, overly feminine top that I want to own right now.  I'm also craving everything in muted tones, even though a brightly colored summer season is approaching.  Also, thought I'd put up some of my "balenciaga/tea party on acid" inspired collection I did for class.  These are just the croquis so there's no color, which is insanely boring so forgive me.  
Tomorrow is my last day at home and then I'm off to Philadelphia and then school, although I can't say I'm thrilled about leaving. I feel like I haven't had enough time at home.  But life goes on and I shall slide back into the ole routine in no time at all.  Cheers to tea cups and flowy button-ups. 


  1. You did those?
    They're really cool! :)
    The one three in from the right is pretty amazing in my opinion.


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