shiny, shimmer, glitter fest

Its not indian printed, nor does it involve fringe in anyway, but I'm in love with this clothing.  Its hard to pinpoint my particular style sometimes, because I've always had sort of a messy-bohemian-homeless-person way of dressing.  Lately, however I've noticed that I'm becoming a more polished version of my self.  Its hard being a fashion major and being trained to swoon over established luxury designers on style.com, when so much as the nearest goodwill sends your heart into rapid flutters!  Don't get me wrong there are designers I'm constantly obsessed with, but no matter what I'll always be that girl who finds an obnoxious blazer from the 70s and begins to drool.  In addition to everything that can be found in your nearest desert, I'm also loving minimalism right now and anything overly soft and flowy.  So here's to trying new things and brushing our hair.

p.s. those purple pants are KILLING it.

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