bullets on my boots

Took these while galavanting around Bull Street and 40th.  There's a funky little supermarket across the street, with an old school logo painted on the wall.  Originally, the musketeers and I had planned on photographing that, but when there's a gathering of questionable characters nearby...its best to keep your distance.  I have a feeling I've got lots of awkward moments ahead of me, seeing as how all the inspiring places I like to wander about, involve the ghetto.  Psyching myself up for when I throw platforms into the mix...that ought to be interesting.  

The jacket was discovered at goodwill and the magical boots are free people.  I love pairing this silky t-shirt with my grungy cut-offs.  It sort of reminds me of Savannah and its contrast of art school kids, charming southerners, and ethnic influences.  They all combine to create a mix that suits this hauntingly old city quite well.  For now, its back to work...here's to Paula Deen and bullets on my boots.

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