one of the girls

There are only three weeks left in this quarter and I'm at that weird un-productive, low-point because nothing is due till 3 weeks from now.  Then, all of a sudden the last week and a half, it starts to sink how little time I have and I find myself in a frenzied state of emotion trying to finish everything.  
Well, this quarter I'm going to avoid this.  So starting this weekend, I'm devoting a lot of my time to sifting through the ridiculous amount of work that I have.  This means that I will have to decide on my leather in the next few days, there are so many colors, textures, and weights! (and we all know I'm no good at decision making)  I'll also be coming up with a brilliant excuse as to why spending $80 on four, measly yards of chiffon is warranted.  But nonetheless, in three weeks I will be done, and off to Philadelphia.
Oh, let the scrambling begin...

(pictures from le sketchbook, along with random assortments of flickr-ness and Mariam Sitchinava Photography)

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  1. wow, that girl's back tattoo or paint or whatever it is is SWEET


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