take me to the city

There officially four days till I start the internship of my dreams with Anthropologie and I am in the midst of packing up (a condensed version of) my life.  Being in between places is sort of an uneasy feeling, that frees me at the same time.  Although I may be tiny bit homesick, I'm ready to eat new food, meet new people, and learn new things...but most of all I'm hoping that inspiration will hit me like a gust of good ole' Texas wind, that I'm seriously missing right now.

Here is my submission for the URBN Intern blog.  There are a handful of us that will be blogging for our brands this summer. I'm representing Anthropologie and I couldn't be more excited!  Updates and links to various cuteness are soon to come :)


  1. CONGRATS!! I hope you have a blast!
    I hope to intern for Free People once I finish my college degree!


  2. so excited to see your hard work! congrats, paige!!

    xo, anne


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