all the beautiful days

Pink hair, we will meet again soon.
Because I'm terrible at pictures and things, these are from the fall and have been sitting in a folder so I thought I would go ahead and let them come out of hiding.  I've just about worn these Free People loafers to death.  

Basically its just another day when Savannah was flashing its beauty and I had a life...I'm counting down the days until I can enjoy the sunlight like this.  Only 2 more weeks of what seems like jail.  In the mean time I'll get back to making business cards, clothing labels, sewing, dyeing, and all the other things that my one man fashion production operation entails.

p.s. I have one of my first photo shoots this Sunday and I couldn't be more excited!  I'll be doing a more formal one when I'm finished with everything but this is just a little something for RE: Magazine.  Can't wait to see what kind of magic happens.


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