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So here lies a first attempt at a muslin for my senior collection.  Before I tell you whether I was happy with it or not, I must confess a few things...
I'm still sort of entranced by the whole "artistic process."  One day you're crying and depressed, more like weeks at a time, and then all of sudden you see the light and everything is wonderful.  But before any emotions become permanent, they roller-coaster, and yes that is a verb, up and down many times before finally leaving you extremely exhausted of all brain power.
It wasn't until I started the grueling process of actually making a 3-D version of my look, that the whole thing started to come together, and I fell in love with what I was creating.  Its still a roller-coaster of emotion, work, and sleep depravation but I finally have a direction!  So here's to artistic process and its mysterious victories.

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  1. Oh my goodness Paige - the collar is gorgeous! I'd rock that!



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