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I've recently been reacquainted with outer space and its wonders, and I can't seem to get my fill.  Space is something we all learn about when we're younger, but the concept always sort of scared me.  The idea that there was a mysterious, infinite space out there, just didn't sit well with my seven year old self that was just trying make sense of the world.  
Now that I'm older, I've learned that not everything is supposed to make sense in this mystical world we live in, and one of those is our universe.  There's something beautiful about a place where there is no concept of time, or space...it travels on forever.  There is no beginning and no end.  

This video shows time lapsed footage of Earth taken with the Hubble space telescope.  It's pretty amazing to see thunderstorms, the aurora borealis, and bits of light reflected off of Earth's atmosphere.  Shows just how magical our "reality" really is.

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