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Some new Beth Hoeckel Artwork

Here lie some quick thoughts before I have to go sew my life away:

Some things that have entered my journal recently are thoughts about Love.  I always think about how throughout life we are constantly searching for soul mates.  Some people find it in the opposite sex, some people find it in their friends, some people in siblings or parents.  Often those soul mates change during a certain transition in life.  As I go through life relationships that I encounter, grow closer together only to grow apart in the end, but I've come to accept it.  We are all just searching for someone in which we can invest everything and undeniably share our dreams with.
It's amazing to think that no matter how different every human is on this earth, in the end we are all just searching for our soul mates.

Another thought:
Looking back on past entries, I had tons of goals and aspirations and details of just how I was going to get there.  I sounded so bold and fearless!  Whenever I look back I'm constantly critiquing myself, and how things didn't go according to my "plan."  But when taking a closer look, they happened, just not the way I intended.
Sometimes I confuse positivity and being fearless, with simplicity.  There is no simple, easy formula for happiness.  Life will throw you more curve balls than you thought were possible but all that matters is marching toward the bigger picture and loving life on the way.


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