Here lie some snap-shots from my interview in Philly and the goodies that I brought with me, at the wonderful headquarters that is URBN Inc.  It felt good to be back, greet my favorite giant floral wall in the cafeteria, and grab a delicious iced coffee from Jharoka (the resident coffee shop on campus) after being away for so long.  It all felt familiar and comforting, yet somehow new and different.  Its hard to believe that almost a year and a half ago I was living in Philadelphia interning for Anthropologie and the Navy Yard was part of my daily routine.  It was so nice to catch up with old friends and meet lovely new ones.  I'm not quite sure what my future holds and where I will be in six months, so I'm gonna leave this one up to fate and prayers and hopefully they won't steer me in the wrong direction.

Here's to newness, and all of the scary, neurotic, inspiring, wonderful feelings that it brings with it.


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  1. fingers crossed for you! Looks likeyou put together a really beautiful portfolio to share!

    Best wishes!


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