rainbow unicorn surprise

Not sure that I ever shared this on the blog, but I guess its never too late to share some eco-bundling.  This is one of the skirts in my senior collection that was eco-bundled with different wild flowers, eucalyptus, and turmeric.  Its silk velvet, so it takes the dye pretty wonderfully.  However, it came out a little more yellow than anticipated but it was a happy mistake, because I fell in love with it soon afterwards.  Originally it was supposed to be what I like to call "rainbow unicorn surprise" which in actuality is a combinations of swirly pinks purples, and a hint of yellow but I got a little too generous with the turmeric and it ended up over powering the colors of the petals, leaving the purples and pinks almost non-existent.  But nevertheless that is my gorgeous friend Mary, rocking it at the SCAD fashion show.


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