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Lately, especially with ever-dropping temperatures, I've been craving everything for the head.  Hats, beanies, I want them all.  I've really been drawn to felt hats, however, with their magical ability to make even the most grandma-ish sweater look parisian.  My love for the green bowler from Urban Outfitters up there also runs deep.  I immediately thought of Clemence Posey when I laid eyes on it.  The more fun ones include the idea of a beanie with a feather pom pom, such a nice alternative to the usual yarn types, as well as the embroidered baseball caps from Free People, the possibilities are endless.  From floppy to fit I love them all.  Hopefully some of these will be making their way into my closet soon.
Still dreaming...

P.S.  I'm guest posting my first week as an Assistant Designer at Urban Outfitters on the @URBN_scout instagram page!  Follow them on twitter and instagram for information about rad positions at the home offices of Urban, Anthropologie, Free People, Terrain, and BHLDN!! Its good stuff.

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  1. woo! love this layout. such good toppers. i'm sitting indoors working, wearing a hat right now - can't be held accountable once it's winter.


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