ghostly after glow

These are a bit old, but still so good.  Nan Goldin shot these for Lula Magazine featuring all Rodarte articles.  For one, I like the fact that the clothes are from various seasons.  Secondly, I love editorials like this for several reasons, but the number one being it shows the clothing in a different point of view and more casual than we usual see it coming down a runway.  You can really see the details in the clothing especially in the third to last shot.  That embroidered, mesh-like top is so beautiful stripped down, and unaltered by layers upon layers of clothing.

In other news, Philly has been quite the ugly duckling in terms of weather lately.  But I'm still content as ever.  I finally feel like life has slowed down in a way that I can be completely at ease with.  Don't get me wrong I'm still busy dealing with my relocation, and all the stresses that come with it, but I'm excited to finally start building a life as if I'm never going to move.  In college, I always held back from decorating or making things too permanent because I knew my location would probably change in a year.  I found an apartment and can't wait to move in mid January.  Its absolutely perfect with the exception of a few painted walls here and there. 

Happy Monday/New Year's Eve--here's to leaving work early and sparkly holiday plans!

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