to the desert we go pt. 1


Finally putting up the photos from my favorite day of the entire California adventure that I took for the long independence day weekend.  The desert is high on the list of things that I love, so we headed Palm Springs and Joshua Tree National Park for the day to explore.  As you drive into the park, you slowly start to leave civilization behind and it's stunning rock formations, and vast stillness start to overcome you.  At any moment I could stand amongst the Joshua tree's, with millions of year old rocks surrounding me, experiencing a quiet unlike any other and somehow be scared and inspired all at the same time.  There's something about just how still and boundless the desert is.  It makes me nervous, but in a wonderful way; it's one of nature's mysteries that I will never quite understand but will always stand in awe.

Although we didn't spend as much time in Palm Springs, it was a fun little detour.  We had lunch at the Ace Hotel's restaurant.  The building itself is a renovated old school Denny's, and the menu follows suit with an elevated take on classic diner food.  Lunch was followed by a walk down the strip and of course a snow cone.

I've already started planning my next adventure, California see you soon...

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  1. I like your pictures! how do you take or maybe edit them like retro??


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