garden getaway

I have still have tons of pictures from my recent trip to California that I need to post but I wanted to share a quick weekend trip to Chanticleer Gardens in Wayne, PA.  Seriously one of the most calming, beautiful places I've ever been.  Next time I will bring a boy, a picnic, and a blanket and I'll stay for the entire day.  It isn't crowded and you can feel free to enjoy every inch even in the silliest way you see fit, which is exactly what Chelsey and I did.  We had so much fun traipsing up and around the wooded areas, especially when it looked like a place we weren't exactly supposed to go.  Always trying to stray off the beaten path, we had a truly full and adventurous day as per usual.  Always adventuring.  Just the way I like it.

Free People Modern Chinoise Dress // Gee WaWa Boots // thrifted hat // vintage bag


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  1. Beautiful!! Love wandering through gardens.. especially when they don't look like they've been man-made.
    I love that first photo though, is that a zen garden? loooove!

    <3 dani


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