end of summer mischief


These pictures really were taken so long ago.  But looking at them, it all feels like yesterday.  Especially our trip to salvation mountain.  I remember it because the sun was beaming down and the temperature was somewhere around 100 degrees.  Now that I'm sitting in my apartment on the east coast, looking out my window at bits of melted snow, I can only dream of the warm sun that was beating down that day.
These pictures were taken labor day weekend, the last hurrah of summer.  Its taken me a few months to post these because of various reasons, one being my computer decided to go on strike and another being my life has been more work than play as of late.   These photos are just another reminder that I need to get back to blogging, creating, and as always adventuring.

The holidays are almost here and while I can't wait to have a much needed break from work and spend time in Texas with my family…I really can't wait to get back in the groove of creating and searching for inspiration.  I'll be happy when there are no more blizzard type occurrences to keep me from adventuring.  
I miss having time to create. I miss being outside in the warm sunlight.  I miss California.  
I miss my love. 

Here's to hoping that all of those things will be in my life soon.


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