Life is pretty forgiving, so much so that every year we get a chance to start over around this time of year.  There's something about taking the time to think about both your accomplishments and shortcomings from the previous year and setting new goals, there's so much hope and excitement...I always feel like anything could happen when I think about a new year and all the possibilities. 

Spending time at home with loved ones for the holidays and having time to think away from work, stress, and responsibility really helped me realize what I truly want from 2014.  I'm going to get really cliche and say that life is too short to spend it away from those you love.  Sometimes we get caught up in working, or school, or trying to be successful at whatever we do...making sacrifices along the way until we get caught up in life's hustle.  When we take a step back we realize that life needs more balance. Here's to 2014, living a balanced life, and spending more time with loved ones...

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  1. Love this post - so true! Happy new year!



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