into the mist

Just a little snippet of home…a few days the sun came out to play, but mostly it was sort of overcast and moody the type of weather that you sometimes love and sometimes hate.  You love it when you're snuggled up next to your lover on the couch with a blanket and a fire, but its not so ideal during the busy hum of mid-day.  

This was one of those afternoons captured--misty and frosted.  There was something sort of cozy and romantic about the overcast skies that day, especially rocking one of my all time favorite seasonal dresses.  It is only the most ingenious invention ever--a flannel, plaid maxi dress--from, believe it or not, Lucky brand.  It's as functionally warm as it is eye catching.  I had to top it all off with my staple vintage jacket and hat of the moment.  These two things on top of any outfit I own is like my uniform-- throw in some braids and I'm set for life. 

P.S.  I miss living in the middle of giant fields…till next time Texas.

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