air and sand and sea

Hopefully I don't really need to say much here, and these photos will speak for themselves.  I mean what more could you want, beautiful sea for miles, sand, trees, and the freshest air I have ever inhaled in my life.
  Growing up on a farm in the loveliest-middle-of-nowhere-Texas, I could always tell the difference between "city" air and "country" air.  But this?  I can't even begin to describe it.  It was as if the air filling this magical stretch of coastline had been untouched by anything else happening in the same atmosphere.  The smell of the ocean, the sand, the mountains, the trees, it was all there, and it was incredible.
We stayed in Santa Cruz, about an hour and a half north of Big Sur, the sweetest little surf town.  I'm gonna just go for it and say, the vibes there were THE best.  The people, the seafood, the surfers sitting on their boards in Monterrey bay.  Don't get me wrong, I love SoCal but this was something completely different and I fell in love.
Probably one of the highlights of the trip was seeing a mini valley of wild, lillies.  I spotted them as we were driving along the PCH and I immediately knew we had to pull over.
So many good memories made on this trip, I would probably drive the 5 hours to Big Sur just to take a breath of that air.  It's amazing what a few deep breaths of clean air does for the soul.



  1. Such a stunning place <3
    Seeing these photos, it lights up a bit a rainy day.


  2. I just came across your blog through Free People, and it is beautiful!
    I run a blog (Ripped Jeans), that promotes other bloggers and thought you'd be great to feature! If you're interested email me at briannamestre@gmail.com

    Ripped Jeans


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