sunshine day dream

Had to share this Nylon shoot with Dakota Fanning because its just that good.  I used to love pouring over magazines, soaking up all the shoots, and living in their dream worlds.  But, as I got older, they started to be less and less magical to me.  I started to see the commercialism that dominates the fashion industry and they soon lost their appeal.  Don't get me wrong, I'm obsessed with Chloe just as much as the next flower child, but if I see that white dress from the spring show in another editorial...well you see what I mean.  Fashion tends to favor the same 'popular' things, so when I see something like this its a breath of fresh air.  Maybe it's not the most ground breaking shoot, but there's something so natural, retro, and laid back about her in the photos and I'm really digging it, such a muse.

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