the void

For the past week or so now, my mind has been a mixed up jumble.  I can't seem to make sense of anything and there's just a whole lot of - well, nothing.  Just when you need those amazing ideas to come forth, there's nothing but space.  Big, empty space...stillness.  Unfortunately, this is not a new feeling for me. 

I feel as though I'm constantly talking about creativity as a painfully beautiful thing.  I guess I also need to preface by saying that everyone's creative experiences in life have shaped them to feel the way they feel about the creative process.  For me, it was just when my fragile little artist inside was undergoing its feeble stages of early development that I received some intense criticism over a period of time, that made my poor artist want to shrivel up inside and never come out.  Hence, the creative process for me is often like a rare beautiful bird, when she makes an appearance its a sight to behold, but otherwise you might start to believe she doesn't really exist.

I've slowly learned to deal but I realized I'm over dealing, and I want to find my flow.  Sooooo, I've started to read The Artist's Way, and so far so good!  Only on the first chapter but hey, baby steps.  I'm going to try and post my weekly progress on this here blog, so I can look back and see the change.  Hopefully when I read this post in 12 weeks it will seem so foreign.

p.s. any other struggling creatives or just people for that matter, go ahead and get yourself a copy, its pretty inspirational and uplifting, here's to getting our flow back, yo...


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