what the desert taught me

A couple weekends ago my best friend and I road tripped to Moab from Salt Lake City, Utah.  We hadn't planned on spending the night, but when daylight started to escape us, we decided driving 4 hours back to Salt Lake was a terrible idea and staying in a dream-like tent was a much more solid idea.  After that was decided, one quick trip to the dollar store had us feeling like humans again after a long desert day.  It's amazing how a tooth brush and face wipes can change your outlook on life.  The next morning we woke up, put on our same ridiculously non warm dresses from the day before, campfire smell and all, and set out on the next adventure.
The desert that weekend was like an old friend, I had met her before, but it had been a while since we'd hung out.  She was colorful and beautiful as ever, unchanged by time.  Its amazing how fast things change everyday in our world yet the desert and her intricate rock formations stay the same, for millions of years.  The giant pillars and arches of rock were steadfast and strong, unwavering even in the wind, reminding me of their strength with each passing glance.  
I took a little bit of that energy and strength, from the desert home with me.


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