workspace: creating magical storage

Morgan and I came up with the idea to build a simple, and very functional, shelf for my workspace so I could store all my supplies and be able to access them quickly and easily in a small space.  I'm definitely on a copper wave right now, so we decided to use copper pipe and pine boards, and try to keep it a little modern and natural.  So, how to do you style a shelf to look magical/uncluttered/yet cluttered/organized/functional/beautiful!?  

Well, I ain't gonna lie, it wasn't easy because lets face it, being a designer requires a lot of CRAP and a lot of that crap isn't aesthetically pleasing, but in the end it all came together.  I just arranged and rearranged until if felt right and made sure to intermix my found treasures in with the supplies.  Today was my first day working in the new space and I had to tell myself to quit looking over and staring, because it was just so pretty!  Here's to many more inspiring workdays in my zone.


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