california fall

Currently listening to Frank Sinatra and enjoying a glass of red wine, oh and maybe there's even a candle burning.  Yes, I've succumbed to fall.  Its here, even in southern California, and I'm enjoying the hell out of it.  I sort of surprised myself when I got so excited about fall clothes and cozy nights, usually I'm trying desperately to hang on to every last second of summer.  But, the subtle change in weather brought with it a fresh change in outlook, and that's it, I was hooked.  This weekend Morgan and I went to Santa Barbara to hike, have a cocktail at my favorite cocktail bar downtown, get dinner, and escape.  Almost every weekend I find myself getting out of LA to enjoy some sort of quiet tranquility from the mess of life that is emails, traffic, and laundry.  We happened upon this amazing view of the beach that reminded me why I love California so much, and couldn't help but snap some photos.  I wore this Free People bodysuit because the print is so straight-out-of-the-70s and it goes perfectly with all those cute mini skirts.  


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