Sometimes life is just on autopilot.  You're not creatively stimulated, you can't seem to find the inspiration, people seem to pass you by, and still you're stuck in the mud.
So then, you decide you're going to create by any means necessary.  Create something beautiful, something that makes you innately happy.  You're going to do it just for yourself and no one else!  

Hmm, and then a funny thing happens--you decide that thing you created isn't quite beautiful enough, it just doesn't match the image you had in your head.  So then you find something else to pour your energy into.  And weirdly that turns out to be another dud.  The fruits of your labor just don't live up to the insane standards you've set in your head.  So then, after a few weeks of feeling creatively frustrated and just generally frustrated in life (because I've realized, being creatively frustrated is like a major domino effect, people)  you decide that you can do nothing.  Well, you can do something but that something is just to swim.  You must just keep doing.  Those things you think are failures and painful to even continue, you must continue.  You have to just keep swimming, keep treading water, keep producing work.  Because we are artists and just people and that's what we do.  And then soon, one day, you'll be flying and it won't be so hard anymore.
So these photos, this post.  This is me--swimming.

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  1. Such a lovely shots. Love the romantic/vintage atmosphere over it!

    x Sophia

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