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This week has been a tough one, I don't know about you but every holiday I spend at home back in Texas, enjoying family time **and lots of pie** inevitably makes it that much harder to come back to Los Angeles.  There's something about that easy small town Texas life that is so relaxing and appealing.  Don't get me wrong, after about a week or so, I get tired of eating barbecue and fried chicken and not being able to find a decent cup of coffee anywhere, and then I'm ready to come back.  But mostly its just nice to reconnect with family and friends that I haven't seen in what always feels like ages.  

While I was home, my sister and I did a little makeup shopping and when I got back to LA I realized I had so many lip products in the same color family.  Normally I'm a tinted lip balm kinda girl, but lately I've been really into wearing lip stick and can't get enough of those dusty, rosey, canyon shades.  The Glossier Generation G is great because its a sheer wash of color, so good for everyday.  The Bite beauty Multi stick is perfect for more drama and has a little more brown in it, I also love wearing it on my eyes and cheeks.  But, probably my favorite of the bunch is the Mary Kay gel semi-matte lip stick.  It's so moisturizing and matte at the same time, and the color is beautiful for this time of year.  What beauty products are you guys into this time of year!?


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  1. I love these sorts of lip shades and really want to try Glossier :)

    Jasmine xx

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