Pun intended (see above title).  

I've got jokes, but by no means am I an expert in the beauty department.  However, I do know specifically what I like, and the way I like my face and body to feel, and lately I can't live without these three little magical things:

1 - WATER and lots of it, glasses on glasses on glasses--my skin is loving me for it, got that inner and outer glow

2 - glossier highlighter in rose quartz...the little glow stick that could--oh so subtle yet just enough.  Makes me feel like a glazed donut in the best possible way

3 - rose water spray, not quite sure how hydrating this is, but the smell gets me everytime, spritz a little here, spritz a little there...its addicting y'all

 the next thing I've been wanting to try are moon juices assorted 'dusts.'  Always have been curious about these supplement type of things that are mixable with just about anything...coffee, smoothies, food.  Urban Outfitters has a nice little selection of samples which is probably perfect for a trial run!  I love the idea of beauty from the inside out and really focusing on what goes into your body and how that affects your outer shell.

Speaking of supplements and ingestible beauty, raise your hand if you dig it! I want to know if you've tried anything like this--is it nonsense?? or is there something to it? I'm verrrrrrry curious :)


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