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This post was supposed to go up right after Christmas, but let's just say the Holidays got the best of me.  Cheers to the New Year and hope you enjoy the words below!

So far Texas has been warm and humid, some may even go so far as to say it feels tropical.  I like to use the term 'tropical' to try and put a positive spin on the fact that no matter where you go your face is always in a melted state.  But I can't complain seeing as I won't be working for the next week and my out of office response has officially been up for about three days now.  For now, I'm just enjoying family and friends, and this great big state that I call home.

My sister and I took a minute to snap some pictures in my favorite jumpsuit before we headed out to dinner, this old building used to be a little country store and is right down the road from our house.  It's funny how I look at it through different eyes now.  When I was younger it was just that old building we passed everyday on the way to school.  It's fun to reimagine my old familiar surroundings through new eyes when I'm home.  

P.S. I designed this jumpsuit as part of our Bali capsule collection a few seasons ago, its my first time wearing it and the sleeves made me so happy!


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  1. You are absolutely stunning and these photos are so beautiful.


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