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504 hours abroad, 52 hours of travel, 5 different airports, and 482 emails later I'm finally home.  I just returned from a crazy good, and exhausting, three week long design trip.  It was mostly work, but we always manage to have a little bit of fun in between.  We stayed up late, worked hard, laughed a lot, cried a little(aka tattoos!), felt sick a little, and drank watermelon juice...a lot.

Twice a year, my boss (even though I don't like calling her that, she's more of a mentor) and I travel to the magical island of Bali to work with our talented counterparts there to dream up and make a capsule collection for Free People.  I still have to pinch myself so I know it's real, but it's absolutely the best part of my job.  This time we also went to India for a week after Bali, but more on that later.

Over the years, we've become quite the Bali locals (or so we like to tell ourselves) so I figured I would start sharing little bits of my trip, so that everyone can experience this island like a regular.  Side note:  if you ever have a chance to experience Bali, do not hesitate any longer.  Book your ticket now! I'm serious.  The plane ride is brutal (from the US anyway) but when you get there it is totally worth it!  It truly is life changing.  So now for the good stuff...

Once we got a little break from sketching we headed over to Canggu to check out the famed 'Old Man's' bar.  We ordered margaritas, some fish and chips, and made friends with the tech guy--we got dibs on the new wifi password before anyone else.  I loved seeing all the surfers pour in, and what everyone was wearing.  The laid back beach vibes.  The people watching!

We were staying at a beachside resort in Seminyak for one weekend, so we headed out to do some inspiration shopping.  I honestly am not a huge shopper, but in Seminyak all the shops are so unique and quaint that I don't mind it at all. It gets my brain going!

We found a taco place close to Oberoi road called Lacalaca and of course we had to stop, it was soooo good.

Oh yea and then there was the whole "we're gonna get tattoos in Bali" thing, but so glad we did!

The dream team that makes all of our pretty clothes a reality.

Design life involves lots of bags, basically a mobile office.

Other than our weekend in Seminyak, we spent the rest of the time away from the chaos in Sanur.  The beach on that side of the island is one of my favorites, and even though you don't get the sunsets because its on the east, it's totally worth it.  We spent the day finishing up our sketching there.

We stayed at the Hotel Puri Tempo Doeloe.  It's a tranquil, jungle-like setting of mini Joglos that have been painted bright colors and turned into hotel rooms.  A joglo is a traditional balinese house found in small villages.  We ended up getting the villa so we could have more space to work, and it included a more private setting with a pool.  I left this place basically wanting to turn my apartment into a mini island getaway, so inspiring!

Counting down the days until our next trip!

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