white walls: 3 things you should know

I'm currently in the process of painting the walls in my small bungalow apartment white.  I started with my kitchen nook/studio space because it felt like the right way to go.  You can see my previous wall color here, although it was a light neutral, it just felt a little dingy and old school.   Since there's not much we can do to a rented apartment we figured a little paint could have a big impact, and pretty much every image that lives on my pinterest board features white walls.  Soooo, we naturally decided to give the whole white wall, clean, bright thing a shot.

1.  White walls are kind of scary.  Scary because I didn't realize how bold of a statement it would be.  White is an eye catching color, which is probably why I have so many images of white walls.  If you're thinking about going for it, go ahead and take the plunge.  I started to doubt myself after one wall, but when the entire space was done I was in love! 

2.  White walls force you to be colorful.  I'm a girl with many sides, I like soft neutrals, I like color, I like it all!  So when I was finished painting I realized I drastically needed some color on my walls to help warm it up and bring back the eclectic feel.  I ditched my old soft, natural mood wall images and refreshed them with some bright new ones that I'd been collecting.  I'm really feeling this mexican/canyon/hot pink with red vibe.  I also realized a lot of the objects I'd been collecting over time had been white or neutral, next rose bowl or flea market trip I'm going right to any object with color to help make the shelf pop.  Which then brings me to the table.  We had painted white to also help brighten the space.  Now we're thinking about sanding this down, beating it up a little bit and staining it something slightly darker than a natural wood finish.  The new table would add warmth and texture to the space.

3.  White walls are cozier than you think.  After seeing the first wall one of my fears was nighttime.  I love my apartment at this time, especially with small lights everywhere, candles, and music playing.  It feels so cozy and feared the white walls would make it feel cold and more like a gallery than a home, but I was completely wrong.  I still have my cozy feeling, and the white actually makes the existing lighting in my house feel a lot fresher and less yellow than it actually is.  And in the day time, well this place is complete MAGIC.

Basically if you're thinking about going for it, do it.  I opted for a warmer, slightly off white instead of optic white, which made me feel better about the whole thing.  We don't see ourselves moving out of this apartment anytime soon, plus it's the best $15 I think I've ever spent.  What do you think about white walls?  Have you already hopped on the band wagon??

P.S. I love the article linked below, from design sponge, that talks about the white wall craze.  It also makes me curious to research more global design (i.e.: tokyo, scandinavian, greek...etc)

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