poppies in her eyes

Wherever you are at this very moment, I hope you are feeling the renewed energy of spring.  I hope the season is inspiring you to get out and soak all that beautiful sunshine in.  Sometimes I think we forget how healing the sun can be.  I mean, I live in LA the supposed land of eternal sunshine, and even I can forget just how healing some time outdoors can be (that's not to say you don't need to protect your skin, I'm all about that SPF!) Something close to therapy occurs while I'm out in nature just letting my mind wander, soaking up the suns rays.  (I try to get there as often as I can)
Last weekend's wandering thoughts were especially beautiful because they happened in this windy field of poppies.  California has been killin' it with the wildflowers lately.  I think I've officially made it my goal to seek out every noteworthy patch in southern California before they die off, who's with me!?
P.S.  maybe it's just spring, but I've been feeling every sort of femme, white, poplin, cotton, blouse thing in my closet paired with washed/destructed denim.  It just feels so right!  One of my favorites is this vintage long shirt dress I got at the rose bowl.  I cut it off to make a mini dress/tunic sort of situation and I can't stop wearing it.


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