a very pink NY weekend

Crazy to think its been that long but about a month or so ago I went to Philly for work.  I'm a designer for Free People but I work remotely in our (teeny tiny) LA production office, so my job requires its fair bit of travel.  We were headed to Philadelphia that week to present our finished collection for next spring, and it just so happened that my sister was finishing up her furniture design internship at Urban Outfitters.  I arrived a few days earlier so we could adventure to  New York together for some much needed sister time and visit friends.  Below are all the moments I captured of the weekend + some pretty magical places to eat and hang.  I love looking back on all the photos now and remembering all the makeup, brunch, and laughs that shared.  Sometimes it feels good to just hang with your girls, ya know?

Unicorn lattes at The End Brooklyn // Not your typical latte in more ways than one.

The view at Brooklyn Barge.  Ok, it wasn't a west coast sunset but ding dang, I was into it.  I don't think I've ever seen New York this gorgeous.  This place is great to hang with a group of friends and enjoy the sunset on a saturday evening over a glass of rose.  If you're wondering, that's exactly what we did ;)

Christina and her coffee at the very millennial pink, very delicious, very pretentious,  Carthage Must Be Destroyed.  I don't think I've ever had a dining experience land this close to a gallery experience but I can say with out a doubt if such a thing exists this is it.  The way the tables are curated like a small museum of curiousities is enough, but as you look around you slowly notice all the random kitschy ceramics placed throughout.  Then your eyes land on the pink espresso machine and the rest is history.  Just be sure read the photography rules upon arrival, they're pretty strict!

The food was so fresh and bright, and soooo good.

Green tea in a wine glass? We were into it.

And finally a stop at one of my favorite vintage stops in New York, artists and fleas.  I get a lot of magical vintage pieces here for work, specifically from Gypsy Nation Vintage.  Martha, who owns the shop, has been in the business for a seriously long time and really knows her stuff.  I've even gone to her apartment and sifted through her stash, it was amazing!  She has the best eye for finding those true bohemian gem pieces.  Her only location is in Brooklyn, so make sure you check her out at Artists and Fleas if your'e every in Williamsburg!

It was amazing to have some quality sister time with Cameron and to catch up with with Denise, Christina, and Deb.  Can I just say, its hard having bicoastal friendships!  But we make it work ;)
Till next time New York. xo

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