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Oh hey there, its been a minute.  But hasn't it always?  Sometime I dream of an alternate reality where I can just travel to inspirational places, wear magical clothes, and create inspirational stories and content via this little online diary.  But, this is my reality instead, posting when I can, editing out all the nonsense, and only sharing what I love.  You know what? maybe it's better that I only post when I can, it forces me to filter out all the fluff.  Sometimes life and time are funny that way, giving you only what you need, to do what you can.

Anyways, back to the real reason for these photos, this magical dress from Spell.  I've always been obsessed with them, but lately I've been finding myself wanting every single one of their dresses as each new collection releases.  Is it just me or have they have been killing' it lately?  It doesn't help that I'm a sucker for a beautiful, bohemian frock.  This is one of my favorites, there are beautiful silver threads that run throughout the fabric and it shimmers in the light. 
Morgan and I road tripped up to San Francisco to see one of the last weekends of the Summer of Love exhibition at the DeYoung museum.  Let me just say, mind blown and inspiration overload.  If you weren't able to attend it, I highly recommend getting the book that goes along with the exhibit, it will transport you to another time.
We snapped these pictures on an evening hike through the hills of Palo Alto.  By the way, I think in that alternate reality I live in the bay area, because man oh man.--the beauty and the nature!


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