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Last week I was sewing at my table surrounded by piles of fabric and trims, when I suddenly got the urge to reorganize my space.  Maybe its the change of season, but lately I've been in the mood to just cook, clean, and hustle.  Summer is officially over and there's dreams that need to be realized and work that needs to be done y'all.
My workspace has been a work in progress ever since moving in to this apartment.  The only area in the apartment for my 'studio' was a little nook off of the kitchen, so its taken me a while to figure out the best way to organize everything in such a small space.  I've gone from making it very pretty and hardly functional, to very functional and not enough pretty, but I really like where it is right now because it's somewhere in the middle of all that.  It's really important to me to have a workspace that is inspiring, magical, and user friendly.
It all started with this shelf.  I knew our kitchen table was going to serve as my desk/sewing table, so there wouldn't really be any desk storage.  I also knew that I wanted everything out in the open so that I could easily find and see all my supplies.  I wasn't able to find anything that I liked, so Morgan and I set out to make our own (I had a very specific shelf in my head).  We wrote down some measurements, did some simple math, and bought some copper pipe, wood, and epoxy from Home Depot.  It honestly wasn't that hard!  The hardest part was probably when the copper pipe started to tarnish after a while so I had to clean it and then coat it with a clear protectant to help seal it.  It still tarnished a little bit even after that but I actually like the look of it because it looks a little antiqued.

The shelf was a game changer, but up until recently I still hadn't found away to organize all the little stuff, everything was in boxes and nothing was easy to find or grab quickly.  Flash back to when I was sewing in a pile of fabric and trims, I immediately thought of Muji and all of their clear acrylic storage they have.  TOTAL. GAME CHANGER.  I picked up a few things and now I can see all my paints, thread, scissors, pins--evvvverrryyyyything.

I also painted the walls white, found a few things on my travels to decorate the shelf with, and try to pick up some flowers at the farmers market every once in  a while.  Now this little nook is totally functional and I never wanna leave.

3 drawer cube storage
2 drawer shallow storage
sketchbook/magazine storage 


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