mountain high

Oh hey there, its been a minute hasn't it?  Fall has arrived, as I'm sure you've started to notice ;)
The autumn season is slightly more subtle here in California, but I've come to love it all the same.  Morgan and I drove up into the mountains in Santa Barbara last weekend, while looking for photoshoot locations for his band.  We came across this patch of tall pine trees that overlooked the ocean.  I'm not going to pretend that these photos bring to life any of the magic that we experienced on top of that mountain because it was all about the stillness, the chill in the air, and the view.  I never thought stillness could be so powerful.  I immediately noticed it when we stepped out of the car.  There wasn't a sound or a car for miles and the mountain sat way above all the chaotic energy below it.  If you can do one thing this fall, maybe take a day to seek out that spot.  A spot in the fields, the woods, or the mountains and try to take in the stillness.

P.S. Been loving sweater dresses lately and this Doen dress that I picked up at their sample sale has been such a dream!  



  1. literally the amount of followers you would gain if you just posted these selfiessssssssss you missin out

    1. LOLLL! neverrrrrrrrr its my secret online internet diary that's not totally a secret


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