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Wow, just wow.  In today's image saturated world, pictures rarely stop me in my tracks, but somehow this W Magazine December shoot shot by Ryan McKinley just did.  I think its partially because I've been to a few of the places in India where they shot this, but also maybe for the following reasons:

1.  there's a quirky, retro, free spirit thing happening that I'm really into
2.  Jean campbell looks like  natural and naive sun babe here
3.  they shot it in India and I really love how there are no locals used as props, just beautiful buildings and beautiful clothes
4.  its so refreshing!  maybe in this time full of slightly pissed of cool girl and in your face sexiness, this whimsical rainbow of a shoot is just what I needed this December.

Also, if you're constantly scanning editorials for inspiration (like your girl here) what publications or shoots have stopped you in your tracks lately?  I would love to know!  I'm finding it happens less and less for me, which makes me so sad.  I hate that I'm constantly looking at images all day because I feel desensitized sometimes, but I guess it comes with the job.  

Thanks, W Mag for making my heart flutter with a little bit of inspiration today.


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