gauzy summer whites

It's been a while since I've written some words on this here blog, but up until this past weekend, I had forgotten how fun it is to document my outfits and adventures.  It's definitely one creative outlet for me and I think when I start taking myself to seriously and stop treating it like a place where I come to let off some creative steam, then and only then do I neglect this journal of mine.

wearing vintage lurex gauze dress cut into a mini, free people hat, jeffrey cambell bow slides, and bag I got at the markets in Bali.

Speaking of journal,  I'm pretty much that person that always has a planner, what can I say, it gets me through life!  But recently I've been playing around with the bullet journal system and I have to say I'm kind of digging it!  I definitely don't do all the crazy things you see on pinterest, I try to keep in minimal and useful, to me, taking too much time out of my day to write down what I need to accomplish kind of defeats the purpose of the journal?  It took a minute to get the hang of it, but its actually super simple and I love the freedom that comes with it.  I've also been trying to keep a journal just for writing my thoughts down.  I've kind of always done this but never really kept up with it the way that I've wanted to.  Its such a good way to destress and just get all the junk in your head out into a notebook so you can stay focused and present during the day.  I definitely recommend the practice.


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