an homage to all the food I ate this summer

Bowls in Bali, Nicoise salad in Paris, and poke right here in LA, RIP to all the food I ate this summer.  You were beautiful, refreshing, colorful and will be sorely missed.

This week I've been on a digital detox kick, which includes scrolling through my camera roll and deleting any unused, uneeded photos or videos try to clear my head and digital space of clutter.  Well one thing led to another and pretty soon I found myself salivating over all the food I had eaten (and photographed) this summer and it made me so happy that I figured I needed to dedicate an entire post to it!  Fall, I'm not quite ready to hunker down with a big bowl of soup but I know its coming, don't get me wrong I love stews, soups, and warm roasted vegetables that go so well with the current time of year but I'm not ready to put on my winter layer just yet.  I decided in true Marie Kondo style I should 'thank' my food this summer for being the bold, beautiful, and delicious food that it was, it served my body and soul (most important) well.  bon appetit!

salad and rose in Paris, with a side of people watching, right next to the famous Le Bon Marche, browse through for some much needed inspiration and then grab yourself a glass.

non-dairy yogurt, berries, and homemade muesli.  I use this recipe for my muesli and this brand of yogurt, its so addicting! Sometimes I make the muesli more summery and add more cocount, switch out the pecans for almonds, and add macadamia nuts for a more tropical vibe (like below)

homemade hummus, made this many a time while working from home, with a side of plantain chips, I use this recipe
all the tropical fruit in Bali

endless poke bowls from Sweet Fin, I dream about them on a hot summer day

homemade salads while working from home, this one was particularly yummy

traditional Balinese market food with a friend, lots of yummy fried snacks and things in banana leaves!

fresh simple breakfasts with some greens (I love to make soft boiled eggs, 7 minutes on the stove and you're set!)

delicious Mediterranean platter and some kind of ricotta bread situation, Botanica you make me sooooo happy

yummiest cocktails from Andina in London, regret not eating here also 

Making the prettiest snack trays with friends in the Hood Canal in Washington, summer camp vibes all the way but with fancy snacks.

delicious brunch bowls from Honey Hi

making shrimp kabobs, camping in Ojai with homemade mango habanero hot sauce.

Summer you truly were one for the books, here's to getting inspired for fall and all the yummy-ness it brings with it.


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