the song release we've all been waiting for

Well you might have not even known about it, but I've been waiting for this moment and now that you know about it too, you're gonna love it!

So much hard work and love went into this project.  I could say a lot of things on Morgan's behalf, but I'll keep it simple and sum up all the crazy emotions into one: it just feels good to finish something.  Sometimes you set all these crazy expectations for yourself and your vision, especially with social media comparison creeping into your brain (get it outta there people!).  But, at the end of the day finishing something and sharing it with the world,  despite all the annoying little voices in your head telling you it needs more work, is a pretty big accomplishment in my book.  So I'll leave you with that thought: It feels good to finish something.
I'll also leave you with this rad music video, enjoy!


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