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I'm a thinker, writer, dreamer, designeradventurer, and many other things...but my current paying gig involves designing clothes for Free People.  I live in the city of never-ending sun, Los Angeles, with my best-friend/partner in crime Morgan.  I'm here, in this capacity, simply because I love words and I love fashion.  I love the story fashion tells and the feelings it can inspire without having to 'say' anything at all.
(P.S. I don't love the consumerism that is often synonymous with the Fashion industry which is why my mantra for 2017 is to do more with less.)
Lastly, this blog is my creative outlet.  It's something I've been doing since 2010 because it truly makes me happy--I'm talkin' 'Big Magic' style.  Lastly, when I'm not seeking out my favorite piece of California coast you can probably find me roaming the fields of Texas.  I'm from a sleepy little, town there and I'll always have love for my home state.

my work...

I'm inspired by the perfectly disheveled, free spirited girl.  She's a modern muse, curious and brave.  Influenced by her surroundings and every corner of the world she finds herself in.  Her home base would probably be the desert, but she's a rambling rose for the most part.  Forever floating around with yesterday's wildflowers still in her hair.


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